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Click now to listen 24-7 to Joyce’s LIVE TALK SHOW, “INSPIRATIONAL VOICES” broadcasts. Listen live as Joyce discusses with guests and experts topics that we all struggle with day to day. Subjects include, but are not limited to abuse, healing, teen prostitution and dating, domestic violence, poverty, prosperity, retirement, marriage, family, ageing, and more. We are here to help and bring about healing, prosperity, and wholeness.If you would like to appear on the show complete the request on the Contact Page.

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C. JOYCE FARRAR-ROSEMON, BA, SM, Ed.S. never envisioned as she sat on the inner-city housing projects steps in Boston that she would become a successful businesswoman who would one day earn a six-figure income and go on to become a highly acclaimed Motivational Speaker. In 1992, Joyce married, opened a real estate company with her husband’s help in her 7th month of pregnancy, with only $10.00 in the operating account that blossomed into a six-figure income. Joyce has not only survived, but she has thrived after living in a dysfunctional family. She has overcome poverty, abuse, loneliness, depression, job loss, a stillbirth and two miscarriages. Farrar- Rosemon speaks frequently to non-profit groups, schools, colleges and churches. She has appeared in several newspapers, magazines, on radio and television, including The Geraldo at Large Show. Farrar-Rosemon, is an Author, Certified Educator, and holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and elementary education and a master’s in psychiatric social work from Simmons College in Boston, Massachusetts. Joyce is a recent graduate of Mercer University where she received her Specialist in Education degree. Joyce and her husband, Tillmon H. Rosemon Jr., live in Atlanta, Georgia. They have one son, David.