#CalebTheCancer-FightingBear and book, #KayleeFindsHope

Both the book, Kaylee Finds Hope and the bear prototype, Caleb the Cancer-Fighting Bear, are completed. The book’s summary is as follows:

Feisty thirteen-year-old, Kaylee Gallagher, overcomes cancer as she struggles through adolescence. During this emotional and physical battle, she finds hope. Where does it come from? Her Jamaican BFF, the star quarterback, her medical team, Caleb the Cancer-Fighting Bear,  chemotherapy, her family, or a mixture? Readers will gain insight into how to successfully deal with cancer, kids, and cultural differences.

Every hour approximately 10 children die from cancer somewhere in the world. My prayer is that this book and bear will bring comfort, encouragement, healing, and hope to kids and their families.

Here’s what Audrey Compton MD, MPH at MD Partners, had to say: “Kaylee Finds Hope, is medically and biblically accurate. It very sound and is a much-needed tool that helps provide hope and inspiration, through biblical affirmation, faith, and prayer. I see it as an excellent aid for all patients with any chronic illness. I endorse and highly recommend this book without reservation.”

Caleb the Cancer-Fighting Bear is named after the mighty Biblical warrior, Caleb, who was sent as a spy to the Promised Land. He’s an interactive teddy bear that comforts cancer patients through the use of music therapy, positive affirmations, goal setting, and visualization when his left paw is pressed. Like a warring guardian angel, he is designed to spy out and discover where the enemy of cancer is in the body. Once he finds it, he works with the patient, the medical team, and loved ones to defeat and kill the enemy.

If you have an interest in visiting pediatric wards, to listen and pray for children, please inbox me. Stay tuned, I look forward to you being a part of bringing hope to cancer patients worldwide. If you want to bring hope to children with cancer, please like this post, share it, and contact me! Squeeze The Hope Teddy Bears® Are Now Available Online at Etsy: Com


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