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Today’s headlines abound with reports of high gas prices, unemployment, foreclosures, healthcare costs, divorce rates, depression, obesity rates, etc. Many feel that their security blanket has been snatched from under them in plain daylight. Is the American dream still alive? Who Stole My Blanket? 6 Easy Steps to Rebuild Your Life after an Income Loss is designed to be a resource for those who are struggling in this current economy. Individuals seeking to improve their job prospects and who want answers to life’s most pressing questions concerning their purpose in life will learn how to: -find employment regardless of their age or looks -learn how to turn their dreams into reality -leave a legacy for their heirs -get rid of the negative thoughts in their mind -maintain a youthful appearance and healthy lifestyle -overcome gender barriers, fears, depression, and discrimination.

Who Stole My Blanket? by C. Joyce Farrar-Rosemon

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