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How do you move forward in relationships when you have given all you can give and the last two words you hear from your lover is, “Goodbye bitch!”? Better yet, what chance do you have in life when your mom gives you away for a pair of shoes at the age of 3 months old? This anthology features accounts of individuals who were abused and traumatized because of their ethnicity, religion, gender, or status as a child. The common denominator is that all rose like the phoenix from their fires of affliction.
Joyce shares in this collection compelling stories of how victims became overcomers. In these pages you’ll discover how you can: 1) Deal with abusive authority figures– past and present. 2) Free yourself from memories of abuse, rape, domestic violence, and addictive behaviors. 3) Achieve your goals and leave the emotional baggage of your past behind. 4) Stop future generational abuse, trauma, and victimization. Your past does not determine your future; you are not what others say you are. Start applying the principles within these pages and make your dreams come true today!

Hurt by My Father HEALED BY GOD by C. Joyce Farrar-Rosemon

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