Atlanta-based Teddy Bear Project Brings Hope to Children in Ukraine and Uvalde 

Sister Dolores Is Happy About Receiving Squeeze The Hope Teddy Bears. She Needs More For Kids Affected by The Uvalde School Massacre

Sister Dolores is joyfully holding Squeeze The Hope Teddy Bears®  received for her program that helps kids from the Uvalde School shooting to heal. She is asking for 15 more comfort bears. Please share with your friends and ask them to contribute to our volunteer efforts by making contributions to Bears For Uvalde Children at

Below are excerpts from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution about Squeeze The Hope Teddy Bears® 


By Nedra Rhone, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Sept 7, 2022 

Atlanta-based teddy bear project brings hope to children in Ukraine and Uvalde 

… Working with five other women in the Westridge community, Farrar- Rosemon recently sewed 22 bears to send to the Ukraine. In August, the women shipped 12 bears to the Children’s Bereavement Center in San Antonio, Texas, for children and families impacted by the Uvalde school shooting. 
… Local communities and volunteers aren’t waiting for global or national leaders to deliver innovative solutions. They are healing themselves and their communities right now.  
The biggest challenges have been connecting with groups that can get the bears to the children who need them and raising money for supplies to make the bears. 
…The group has relied on crowdsourcing platform GoFundMe and their own contributions, but Farrar-Rosemon wants Hope Teddy Bears to be self- sustaining because she knows there will always be traumatized children in need of soothing and care. 
“If it helps one individual deal with whatever trauma they are going through, it is well worth it,” Farrar-Rosemon said. 

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About the Author
Nedra Rhone is a lifestyle columnist for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution where she has been a reporter since 2006. A graduate of Columbia University School of Journalism, she enjoys writing about the people, places and events that define metro Atlanta. 

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