Bears For Ukrainian Children First Meeting

Yesterday, April 2, 2022 was our first Ukrainian Bear-Making meeting. Let me give a large SHOUT OUT to everyone for the outpouring of love that was expressed. We had a great time! I want to thank everyone who came and the generous donations from the unseen faces that made it possible. I asked for a minimum of $5 and no one gave less that $40 (AMAZING!). I felt a tremendous amount of weight off my shoulders knowing that I have sisters and brothers who are supporting and helping me with this project. Thank you for your compassion for these kids and parents who are enduring extreme psychological trauma that will take years to overcome.
Next Steps: The group wants to meet earlier in the day and every Saturday on a regular basis. Our next meeting is Saturday, April 9, at 5PM.Making bears takes time especially when there are over two million children who are now refugees. The group wants to make as many bears as possible and be ready for the next disaster. The Bible says there will be wars and rumors of wars. It’s important to use these bears to plant a message of hope in the hearts of any child affected by hatred and tragedy in this world.
During the week, Reva and Linda will work on sewing boy robes. Joyce will purchase markers and trace the bear pattern on fabric so that we can began cutting or sewing when we arrive. Bring your scissors and cutting boards if you have them. (Don’t go out and purchase them. We are Rosie Riveters we will make do.)
Joyce has secured a voice-over artist to record the affirmations in Ukraine that will go into the bears’ sound-boxes. Currently, the recordings are in English and Spanish.
The group decided it was easier and more cost efficient to send bears first to refugee families who will be living in the United States. Let me know if you know of a Ukrainian family or Ukrainian church that we can send the bears to directly.
An idea expressed was to get Chic-Filet and large corporations like Coca-Cola, and McDonald’s to donate to our cause. (If you know someone or feel led, please pick up the phone and call. We need your assistance, their funds, and resources.
Finally, please share this GoFundMe link with friends, families, and companies. Also, consider embedding it on your website or Facebook account:
Thank you again, for your expressions of love and hope for a better tomorrow for everyone. #BearsForUkrainianChildren

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