Preorder Now: Women of Color Daily Devotional-Spring Edition

Urban Spirit Publishing company has just released its Spring Edition of Women of Color Daily Devotional. Weekly subject themes include Worship, Praise, Forward, Bloom, Reflection, Hope, Faith, Trust, Power, Wisdom, Love, Time, and Strength. Contributors are from all over USA. Joyce’s contribution is for the week covering wisdom

C. Joyce Farrar-Rosemon, B.A., M.S.W., Ed.S., is a psychiatric social worker, certified educator, motivational speaker, and author of five self-help books. She has an extensive experience in individual, family, and child therapy. Prior to retiring from the educational system, Joyce worked as an educator and school counselor.

Currently, she is the inventor and CEO of Squeeze The Hope Teddy Bears®. The bears, are therapeutic, interactive musical teddy bears designed to give hope, teach, and empower kids with cancer, depression, and low self esteem to overcome adversities.

For a limited time Joyce is offering a Family and Friends Discount Offer!– 10% off regular price of $14.99 and free shipping and handling (continental US). To place your order click here.

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