#TherapyTeddyBears to Fight Chronic Illnesses, Depression, COVID-19/Pandemic Fears, and Pain

Hope Teddy Bears comfort hospitalized patients with chronic illnesses, foster care children, and kids with cancer. These bears are comforting especially for kids and adults dealing with COVID-19 and pandemic fears. They are also great for adults who are bedridden, lonely, isolated in nursing homes, or suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Available in English or Spanish, they’re individually handmade, and have safety eyes. 

Simply Squeeze the Hope Teddy Bears®’ hearts and you will hear comforting music, visualization techniques, psychological and therapeutic principles, learning and goal setting methods, positive affirmations, and prayers to relieve and support individuals on their journey toward wholeness and success. 

Don’t delay- prices will increase soon due to COVID. Free shipping in continental United States. Click to order now at:

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