How Long Will #ThePowerful Stand by and Do Nothing as Blood Flows from American Streets?

Another unarmed black man shot 7777777 times in the back with his young three kids in the car!!! He is now paralyzed SHACKLED to his hospital bed??????? Is this really the land of opportunity? How can our moral leaders and authorities, political leaders, ministers, pastors, police dept heads, mayors, governors, and President Trump sleep at night? This is not only a national, but an international problem. I don’t get it. Do those in high authority think that they don’t have to give an account to a higher moral authority for the innocent blood shed?

With power and authority, comes leadership and action. John Lewis said it clearly, “If you see something that is wrong say something, do something.” Those in positions of power, must say something by enacting laws and police policies to stop these shootings and killings. Protestors must demonstrate peacefully as Dr. King taught. Our country is losing its humanity and moral standing in the world. Where is America’s moral compass? Does America really trust in God? In liberty and justice for all? How can America be a beacon of hope to the world?

We are told to go back to church. For what—to drink the Kool-Aid of passivism? Where are the moral leaders, Christians, the spiritual Esthers who will stand up to authorities and save oppressed people by saying and doing something even if it costs them their position of authority, their privileges, their job, family, or their life?

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