#HelpForDepression: Step 33 #Desperate Acts Can Save Your Life

Some people who do desperate acts make choices that are reckless or dangerous because of a sense of despair, or urgency. Examples include taking actions that may lead to death, #suicide, murder, starvation, etc.

I googled how many individuals in the #Bible resorted to desperate means and took matters into their own hands by committing suicide. Interestingly, they were all men. Abimelech ordered his armor-bearer to slay him while dying from a skull fracture. Out of pride, he didn’t want people to say that a woman killed him. #Samson, also out of pride killed himself to avoid being ‘made sport of’ by the #Philistines. Both #Saul and his armor-bearer fell on their sword when they were defeated in battle. Zimri, after failing to take the city, set the palace on fire around him and died. Ahithophel, after his plot to overthrow #David failed, hanged himself. #Judas Iscariot hung himself after betraying #Jesus.

Seven suicides. What do they have in common? A desperate view of a temporary situation. The enemies of depression, pride, jealousy, fear, unforgiveness, and a sense of defeat caused them to lose their lives. If they only had turned these enemies (inner mes) into a positive perspective, they could have allowed their desperate mindset to launch them into greatness.

Job’s wife, his so-called helpmate, challenged him to curse God and die, but instead, #Job became desperate for God and got double for his trouble. Daniel became desperate for God and became the king’s adviser. His jealous critics got him sent to the fiery den, but he came out without the smell of smoke. For the rest of his life, he was favored and prospered under the hand of the king and God. The three Hebrew boys, #Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. became desperate for #God’s vegetarian and spiritual diet and were promoted by the king.

But a bigger promotion came from God who gave them knowledge and understanding of all kinds of literature and learning. #Ruth became desperate for her mother-in-law’s God, this same #Jehovah Jireh, and instead of gathering wheat behind others, ended up owning the field. #Joseph was desperate for this same God and became the king of dreams and second in command after the #Pharaoh.

All of these ordinary people, facing desperate circumstances became extraordinary people who were launched into greatness. What desperation are you facing today? I dare you to lift it up to Jehovah Jireh and he will turn your mourning into gladness. He will turn that mourning into a great morning, a new day wherein you are free from depression, pride, jealousy, fear, unforgiveness, and a sense of defeat. He will equip you with wisdom, talents, and promotions when you decide to follow him and forsake all other gods.

You are loved, capable, intelligent, beautiful, and fearfully and wonderfully made! #God’s will is that you have an abundant, healthy and fulfilled life. If you like this post, please give me a thumbs up, comment, and brighten someone else’s day who may be feeling desperate and alone.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they they may have life, and have it to the full. John 10:10 NIV

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