#HelpForDepression: Step 31 Overcoming Diseases

#Depression is said to be one of the most common complications of #chronic illnesses, according to an article entitled, #Dealing With Chronic Illnesses and Depression, posted in #webmd.com. Examples of chronic illnesses include #diabetes, #heart disease, #arthritis, #kidney disease, #HIV/AIDS, #lupus, and #multiple sclerosis.

In an article by #Adrian O’Dowd’s, she states infectious diseases are on the rise. The report explains that “Infectious diseases are spreading around the world faster than ever, says the #World Health Organization, and new diseases are emerging at the unprecedented rate of one a year.”

Her article goes on to say, “Several factors have helped accelerate the spread of diseases around the world: the increasing ease of international travel (each year airlines carry more than two billion passengers), population growth, resistance to drugs, under-resourced healthcare systems, intensive farming practices, and degradation of the environment.” The report concludes, “It would be extremely naive and complacent to assume that there will not be another disease like AIDS, another Ebola, or another #SARS, sooner or later.”

Hearing about these threats is enough to make anyone depressed. My goal in writing this post isn’t to serve as an alarmist, but to make us more aware of our responsibility to safeguard our environment, our lives, and that of our grandchildren’s. Many of us live like there’s no tomorrow and consequently, we pilfer our bodies and the environment.

There’s a yin and a yang to life. If we take something from the earth, then we need to replenish that which is taken. If we choose to abuse our bodies by sitting, eating, and indulging in a sedentary lifestyle, then we need to replace those stolen hours, days, and years with exercise and a nutritious diet.

Prudence tells us to be proactive now and take steps to ensure a better world for everyone. Here are some questions you might want to mull over. What can you do to ensure a safer, greener planet for your grandchildren? Have you let your politicians know that you want them to implement international health regulations and cooperate with other global leaders? Have you bit the bullet and committed and followed through on an exercise and nutrition program to ward off diseases?

You are loved, capable, intelligent, beautiful, and fearfully and wonderfully made! #God’s will is that you have an abundant, healthy and fulfilled life. He promises to heal you from all your diseases. I dare you to try him! If you like this post, please give me a thumbs up, comment, and brighten someone else’s day by sharing it.

He forgives all our iniquities and heals all our diseases. Psalm 103:3 NKJV

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