#HelpForDepression: Step 23 #Warnings About #ThePriceOfSuccess

Many people say they want #success, fame, and money. But are you ready for the lights? Are you ready for a promotion? Can you handle the loss of privacy, the scrutiny over every action or inaction? Can you handle the jealousy, envy, depression, or loneliness that accompanies success? What about individuals, haters, or groups that will set traps for you, waiting for you to fall victim?

These are questions that you must be prepared to answer. At times, they will shake you to your core. Your gift, your passion, your vision, is what will sustain you through these trials of your #faith. David experienced it with #Saul who sought to kill him. Lot dealt with it in the so-called “comfort” of his home when his wife told him to “curse God and die.”

Whether your gift brings you to a secular or spiritual stage, you must be prepared for the opposition you will face. Everyone won’t be happy about your newfound success and may seek like Saul to trap or kill you. This is so prevalent now in this age of social media. Many individuals or groups will attempt to upstage you by using tweets, innuendos, or false stories to gain the spotlight.

You may be facing haters on your job or among your friends, or even family members. Many want you to stay in the pit with them. They don’t want to see you free from depression, poverty, addiction, and illness. It was fine when you were drinking yourself into oblivion, but when you stand up and say, “I’m better than this,” they can’t handle it. They can’t handle your marriage to a “good man”, job promotion, pregnancy, popularity, or your good looks. Know that when you’re set free, the spotlight shines on them and exposes their inadequacies.

When you refuse to see the glass as half empty, they can’t handle it. They want to steal your hope and joy. Expect the opposition and make sure you have armed yourself for the battle. Many who are in the lights, wisely don’t talk about their haters and refuse to give them the stage that they’re seeking to take from them.

David and Lot became great in large part because of how they handled their emotions and enemies. Both chose to hold their vision close to their heart and pray for their attackers. Learn from Job and David how to keep your peace by praying for your enemies. If you like this post, please give me a thumbs up, comment, and brighten someone else’s day by sharing it.

If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. John 8:36 NIV

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