Conquering #GenerationalPoverty- #Hoodrat Dad Blames Himself for His Two Young Sons Accused of Murder

Listen on Podcast: Conquering #Generational #Poverty- #Hoodrat Dad Blames Himself for His Two Young Sons Accused of #Murder

Here’s another example of what I call #psychological poverty. Another young victim falls prey to the Hoodrat mentality that pervades many low-income neighborhoods. Is it no surprise that young 12-Year-old Jarrell Milton, is being accused of first-degree murder? Not according to his dad, Javaris Milton, who is in prison for life for murder. Javaris told a reporter that he is to blame along with the pressure and influence of gangs for making the gangster lifestyle look cool and glorious.

Psychologist #Rosario #Ceballo, Ph.D., like myself, grew up poor. Ceballo is one of many psychologists who are conducting research on ways to help people escape poverty. According to the #National Center for Children in Poverty, 44 percent of American children now live in low-income families.

In a 2013 paper in Social Development, psychologist #Rosario #Ceballo, Ph.D. and #Traci M. #Kennedy, Ph.D., found that adolescents’ endorsement of familismo was associated with lower levels of exposure to violence — a common occurrence in the lives of many poor people. Familismo is a Latino cultural emphasis on family and prioritization of family needs and relationships. In addition, youth whose families espouse familismo also had fewer depressive symptoms if they were exposed to violence.

Is there a way that we can use this research to stop generational poverty and violence? Admittedly, Mr. Milton, from behind bars for life, knows in retrospect that he was in no position to parent. Is there a way we can reach the parents so that we can end this vicious cycle and the loss of lives? How can we visit a child who through no fault of their own was born to sick parents and make a difference in their life? How can we give good parenting to those who are psychologically impoverished, imprisoned from birth?  Let me hear your take on what we can do?

I was sick, and you visited Me [with help and ministering care]; I was in prison, and you came to Me [ignoring personal danger].’ Matthew 25:36 AMP

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