#HowToFindAHusband Step Twelve- #Isolation and Routine Keep us from our #Fiancé

May I continue to find favor in your eyes, my lord. Ruth 2:3 NIV

The seventh reason #Lisa Firestone Ph.D., gives in her article, #Why Am I Still Single? 8 Reasons People Often Stay #Single, is Isolation and Routine. She states, “Modern women are more and more successful… After a long day’s work, many of us may feel more like putting on pajamas and crawling into bed than going out into the uncertain and anxiety-provoking world of meeting people.” She explains, “Many of the activities we use to ‘comfort’ ourselves actually make us feel bad in the end, as they result in us avoiding pursuing what we really want in life.”

Ruth was content with the success she experienced working in the fields and gathering leftovers. She was happy and grateful to have avoided the famine and was now in a place where she could eat as much as she wanted.

Like many Western women, Ruth was satisfied with her status quo. They look at the accomplishments they have in comparison to women over the years and around the world. Many own their own homes, companies, and have amassed bank accounts, stocks, bonds, and fortunes that would rival the holdings of many men.

But are they happy being single? For some, the answer is “yes.” But for those who don’t want to grow old by themselves and count how much money they have in uncertain stocks, options, government bonds, real estate investments, 401(k)s, etc., the answer is “no.”

Ruth was fortunate to have Naomi who schooled her on the benefits of marriage to a good man. Naomi’s instructions resulted in her marrying a man that allowed her to own the field and to never have to pick up someone’s leftovers again. She now had someone to love her, rub her feet at night, dote on her, embrace her, and treat her like a princess. Are you listening to your financial adviser or your Naomi who says you can have Boaz and the field?


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