Hope to Those Experiencing #Childlessness and Want to be #Mothers

He gives the childless woman a family, making her a happy mother. Psalm 113:9 NLT

Mother’s Day can be very painful for those who have trouble conceiving or are infertile. I’ve been there. I got married at 39, had a stillbirth at 40 years old and experienced three miscarriages. I endured the taunts and innuendos of well-meaning friends and relatives who told me I was too old, I wouldn’t make a good mother, I could try again, and maybe it’s not meant to be, etc.

Having a loving husband doesn’t necessarily take away the pain of childlessness. Like Sarah and Rachel, Hannah had a good husband, but was infertile. These women endured the taunts from their husband’s other wives that were able to have children. At one point, Hannah was so depressed she stopped eating. Hannah however, refused to respond in kind. She instead went to the temple and poured out her soul to God and was vindicated. She had a son and kept her promise by giving Samuel to God, who later became a priest.  Hannah went on to become the happy mother of three more sons and two daughters.

I poured out my soul to God and at the age of 42 gave birth to a beautiful son who has always brought me joy. He recently graduated cum laude from the University of Georgia.

My advice to women who are childless is to not give up, practice forgiveness, and trust God. Take your petition to him and remain open to how he will bless you. Your baby may come through your loins, a surrogate’s, or adoption. The promises of God are yes and amen. Claim your baby now! You are his princess and he wants to make you a happy mother. Enjoy your day and by faith see yourself one day walking hand and hand with your child. #Happy Mother’s Day!

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