#HowToFindAHusband Step4- #SeekWisdom

Get wisdom, get understanding. Proverbs 4:5 KJV

Step Four for those desiring to marry is to seek wisdom. When you are in deep waters never forget that you are God’s princess. Remember that he wants it to be well for you. He wants you to find rest, to enjoy, and have an abundant life. Ruth sought wisdom during a time of famine. Although she lacked food, money, nice clothes, a man, and children, she didn’t give up. She sought wisdom in her mother-in-law and in God.

Ruth used what she had left—her hands—to pick up the leftovers. Although other women in the field were protected and had favor, she humbled herself and chose to step out in faith and glean what was left over, hoping that someone would give her a break. Instead of staying home, begging for food, prostituting herself, or going after someone else’s husband, Ruth visualized in her mind that someone would give her favor.  She told herself, I’ll go pick up the leftover grain behind anyone that shows me kindness.

As God’s princess, he will always provide a way of escape, someone to show you favor. God has a spouse right now with your name on it, designed specifically for you. When I was single, I created a vision board.  I included the characteristics I desired in a man, the type of job, home, vacations, and income I wanted to earn. Goal setting and visualization forced me to stay on track and got me closer to my destination.

I had to exercise good judgment and rule out anything and anyone in my life that didn’t line up with these goals. I prayed over these desires and asked God to grant them to me or something better. It worked and my desires were manifested. I still keep a vision board to this day. I dare you to write down your desires and see what God will do for you!

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