#HowToFindAHusband- He’s Waiting for You to #Claim Him!

Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her. Ephesians 5:25

I hear women complain all the time that there aren’t any good men out there to marry. I live in the Bible Belt and I found a “good husband”. My Boaz is not perfect, but he is a good man—nice-looking, excellent father, great provider! I put my faith in God and at the age of 39 we were married.

I spoke it into existence by preparing myself to be a good wife in advance. I made it clear to my dates that I wanted to be married. I asked God to reveal to me within three months of dating whether this was my mate. As God would have it, the guy would do something which made it clear that he wasn’t the one.

I find a lot of single women don’t really trust God and are unrealistic about what marriage entails. Marriage involves a commitment to God first and sacrificial love to your mate and children. I’ve learned to be patient and not a prima-donna, kind, generous, and forgiving. Marriage isn’t about being a trophy wife or having a trophy husband.

Hosea exemplified what it meant to be a good spouse by following God’s word. When God told him to marry a prostitute, forgive and take her back when she had sex with other men, Hosea did. Marriage is a covenant with God first. Once a believer understands this, your life, your husband’s, children’s, and future generations will be blessed by this covenant.

God wants to give you your heart’s desires. God sees you as his #princess. He ordained marriage and doesn’t want you sitting at home night after night, lonely, depressed, and filling up on ice cream. You must do your part, put him first, acknowledge him in all your ways and he’ll give you your heart’s desires. I dare you to trust him!

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