Are You Passing on Crucial #Lessons to the Next #Generation?

Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.  Proverbs 22:28 KJV

This was the warning Moses gave to the people when they reached the promised land. He didn’t want them to cheat their neighbors by moving one of the landmarks to give themselves more land and their neighbors less.

Likewise, in the spirit realm, we must not cheat generations that come after us by not passing on lessons learned from fighting the good fight of faith, working hard, and experiencing God’s miraculous blessings.

Often, parents want to make it easy for their children. They don’t want them to struggle. Manufacturers want to enlarge their pockets by giving us so-called time-saving devices for the house, our family, and personal care. We edge God out of our life in order to give ourselves more admiration, money, success, and leisure time.

Instead of thanking God for the strength to mow the lawn or wash dishes, we have machines that can provide these services at the touch of a button. While I applaud modern inventions and rely on them heavily, there comes a point when we have to set limits. Research has shown that physical inactivity is a risk factor for certain cardiovascular diseases, may increase certain cancers, and contribute to anxiety and depression.

In all of our getting, let us get wisdom and understanding. Let us leave landmarks that establish for the next generation peace, prosperity, and wisdom.

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