#God Will Give You #Dreams to Make You #Successful

And they hated him more than ever because of his dreams and the way he talked. Genesis 37:8 MSG

Joseph’s father displayed his #favor by giving him an ornate robe. His brothers hated him, even more, when Joseph shared his dreams revealing God’s favor and plan of #dominance over them.
As you grow in your walk with God, he will give you dreams. Be prepared for sibling, family, associate, co-worker, and possibly spousal rivalry to raise its ugly head.
I also faced many critics when I followed my dreams of becoming an #independent woman, moving South, and buying a home. My uncle called me a rebel. My co-workers didn’t like my accent and were jealous of my new home. 
At one point, I fell on hard times while climbing the real estate sales ladder. I ended up living off of credit cards with steep interest rates.  My sister taunted me about what would become of my dreams. I prayed continuously to God. He spoke to me in a dream with instructions that enabled me to become a multi-million-dollar sales producer.
God will never leave or forsake you. As you practice love and forgiveness and pray for your enemies, your dreams will manifest. You will soon radiate like Joseph, as God’s chosen special treasure. I dare you to try him!

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