Why is #God Silent and Why Hasn’t He Answered Your #Prayers?

Then the Lord spoke to #Job out of the storm. Job 38:1 I

What do you do when God is silent? You’ve cried, tossed and turned at night, tried to follow the Golden Rule, and yet your prayers go unanswered. You see friends who have led unscrupulous lives advancing. They’re healthy, have nice houses, children, cars, and they dress in the latest fashions. They’re getting married and their spouses are good-looking, intelligent, and have great jobs.

Don’t despair when it seems the unrighteous flourish and rejoice in their attempts to bring the righteous to their knees. Put your hope in the creator of the universe. His word says no weapon formed against you will prosper.

Job took him at his word and chose not to follow the word of his wife who told him to curse God and die. Ruth, a Canaanite refused to follow the word of her Jewish mother-in-law, that said go back to your people. I refused to follow the advice of my friend who told me there weren’t any good men in Atlanta.

God was silent for a season, but at the appointed time he spoke. Job got double for his trouble. Ruth got her Boaz, and so did I. The word says you have not, because you ask not. God may be silent at times, but when He shows up, He does it in style. I dare you to try him!

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