Why did God tell a man to #Marry a #Prostitute and have #Children by her?

Go, take for yourself a wife of prostitution and have children… Hosea 1:2 AMP

I know God is love, but I was surprised when I read that he commanded the prophet, Hosea to marry Gomer, a whore and have children by her. Hmmm… isn’t God against prostitution?

The story unfolds as follows: Gomer leaves the marriage and pursues her lusts. She gives birth to three children. After being tossed aside by her #paramours, she wants to come back to #Hosea.  He is told by God to buy her back. Although he doubted he was the “#baby daddy” for at least two of the children, he was obedient and paid a hefty sum to get her back.

He is told to “love her as the Lord loves the #Israelites.” This is the crux of the matter. God used this allegory to show how spiritual and physical adulteries are alike in many ways. Gomer was unfaithful physically and the Israelites were unfaithful spiritually.  

The beauty of this story is that God’s love for us is far-reaching. Over two thousand years ago, Jesus paid a hefty sum for us on the cross. There is nothing we can do that will prevent him from forgiving and taking us back. He has resurrecting power and can turn a prostitute into a princess when we sincerely #repent of our wrongdoings. God is waiting with open arms like Hosea to embrace us. He wants to turn us into princesses. Will we allow him to make us whole?

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