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WomensEmpowermentSeminars.Com is a resource site for empowering individuals to achieve their highest potential. Click on the hyperlinks below or use the links in the right sidebar at the top to navigate around this site.

The Posts Page Blog is set up to tackle tough questions and current events happening in our lives.  The goal is to motivate women (and men) to use their gifts and talents to identify and end dysfunctional behavior based on God’s Word.

If you are interested in starting a financial empowerment workshop, the Empowerment Workshop Guide is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD.

The page, Caleb the Cancer-Fighting Bear™ is named after the mighty Biblical warrior, Caleb, who was sent as a spy to the Promised Land. He’s an interactive teddy bear that comforts cancer patients through the use of music therapy, positive affirmations, goal setting, and visualization when his left paw is pressed. Caleb will soon be available to purchase separately or along with the book, Caleb the Cancer-Fighting Bear™ Kaylee Finds Hope.

Check out Inspirational Voices Radio Show broadcasts. Listen live as Joyce discusses with guests and experts topics that we all struggle with day to day. Subjects include, but are not limited to abuse, healing, teen prostitution and dating, domestic violence, poverty, prosperity, retirement, marriage, family, ageing, and more. We are here to help and bring about healing, prosperity, and wholeness.

Under Videos and Self-Help Books you will find resources that offer practical advice on how to address and solve financial problems, depression, illness, discrimination, addiction, job loss, health, wellness, and nutrition issues.

Feel free to use the Contact Page, to share upcoming local, regional, national, and international women’s events. They will be posted and advertised free of charge on our website calendar. This form should be filled out to request Joyce to speak at your event.

I believe there is strength in numbers as we collaborate to support and upbuild one another. Psalms 133:1-3, tells us that when we dwell in unity, God commands a blessing upon our lives.

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